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This is the face of a guy who turned his passion into a money-making podcast in under 60 days, generating $20,000+ in income (with no sponsors). A guy who had NEVER run a podcast before. This is also my face – I'm stoked to be your teacher and to be revealing my podcast success secrets with you in this course.


Ever thought about starting your own podcast? Sure you have – everyone is doing it these days. But there's a HUGE difference in just starting a podcast, and making a podcast succeed.

I'm going to teach you how to take your passion – whatever that may be – and start a podcast around that topic. But not only that, I'm going to reveal the secrets of how I dominated rankings on podcasting apps, had my podcast featured by Apple to millions of people, and generated tens of thousands of dollars with a brand new podcast, all in the first 60 days.

Regardless of whether you have an existing business, or just want to escape the 9-to-5 rat race and start a fulfilling online career for yourself, this course will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the world of podcasting.

This might not be the best podcasting course in the world, but it probably is. Maybe.


There are a lot of people online that teach how to run a successful podcast. So why would you choose to learn from me?

Well, the simple fact is that most of the podcasting gurus online started years ago – many of them, well over a decade. And yeah, experience does count for a lot, but the problem is most of them started when it was almost impossible NOT to succeed.

10 years ago, when most of these people started, less than 1,000 new podcasts were being launched every month. But today, in 2019, more than 10,000 new podcasts are being launched each and every month.

The simple fact is, most of the people online that teach how to start a successful podcast, did it a decade ago when there was a tiny fraction of the competition that exists today. They had it easy.

But me? I launched my very first podcast in February of 2019, and almost immediately it became a raging success.

Here's what I achieved after launching:

  • Featured in the New & Noteworthy section on Apple Podcasts (less than 1% of all podcasts get featured here), in more than a dozen countries
  • Generated more than $20,000 in revenue in under 60 days, with no sponsorship
  • Achieved 200,000+ downloads in the first few months with no mailing list, no paid advertising, and almost no social media presence
  • Attracted over 600 5-star reviews within weeks
  • Secured several front page spots on Google search for my podcast for very competitive keywords
  • Outranked several competitors in my industry that had been around for 3+ years

All of this lead me to create Probably (Maybe) The Best Podcasting Course In The World, that you can buy right now and get lifetime access to all materials.


Over 75+ videos, and 10 huge sections, you'll learn:

  • Why you should start (or grow) a podcast, and the secrets to success: I'll share with you the in-depth reasoning behind why podcasting is such a good idea from a business and marketing point of view in today's modern age, and why you should be getting in on the action. We'll also go into more detail on goal setting before you get started, and some of the secrets of why I achieved such success in the first 90 days with my new podcast.
  • Getting started with a podcast, and what to know before you start: You'll learn how to structure your podcast, the pros and cons of certain types of content, how to figure out exactly what your podcast should be about, how to refine your ideas before launching, and how to come up with your own unique selling points, to rocket your podcast into the stratosphere.
  • Branding your podcast: What's in a name? And how important is podcast artwork? In this section, I'll teach you psychological hacks to force people to notice your podcast over your competitors using little-known marketing tricks, to make you stand out in an increasingly crowded field.
  • Setting up for success: I'll show you how to set up a new podcast from scratch, how to host, and how to ensure your podcast is discovered by more people by getting it listed on as many sites as possible. Not only that, but by using some keyword magic, you'll learn how to get an edge over your competition when people search for podcasts in your industry on Google, and within podcasting apps.
  • Equipment: No idea what recording gear you need if you're a newbie to podcasting? Or need to know what apps, programs, and stuff you'll need to sound professional? In this section, you'll learn everything from the most basic gear you need to start your own successful podcast, all the way up to pro-level audio setups.
  • Perfecting your episodes: In this section, you'll learn every part of how to create a perfect podcast episode. From structuring your episodes to hook listeners, tactics to increase repeat listeners and downloads, how to game ranking systems with epic episode titles, and much more.
  • The recording process: Are you recording solo episodes? Interviews? Or conversational episodes? In this section, I cover the best practices or recording your episodes, pro tips for the best sound quality, how to edit your episodes to perfection, and so much more. By the end of this section, you'll have a finely tuned audio file, ready to share with the world and thousands of waiting ears.
  • Growing your podcast: You've got a podcast, but how to you make it grow? You'll learn the tricks to maximising your chances of being featured by Apple in their "New And Noteworthy" section, what factors play a part in how high you rank in charts and keyword searches in podcasting discovery apps, and how to ensure you grab the attention of new listeners, and keep them coming back for more.
  • Making your podcast into a cash making machine: I'll show you how to monetise your podcast, and turn your episodes from a simple piece of content, into a sales platform that generates income even while you sleep. You'll learn the most effective ways of generating revenue using a podcast, and the tactics I used to bring in over $20,000 in revenue in the first few months of my podcast going live.
  • Advertising your podcast: Want to take your podcast to an even higher level? I'll teach you the secrets of using multiple free and paid advertising platforms to increase the reach of your messages, and attract new listeners each and every day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
Forever! For one low price, your access to the course never expires. Great, huh?
Is this a video course?
Yes! All modules are video, with over 75 videos in total. It's HUGE!
How long will the course take?
In total once all sections are live, you should aim to learn everything over about 30 days. The 75+ videos in the course contain over 7 hours of training material, so there's a lot to get through.
How much can I expect to earn with my own podcast?
That's completely up to you. With my brand new podcast, I generated over $20,000 within the first two months of launching, with no sponsors, no mailing list, and no existing audience to promote to. You're going to learn all the secrets of how I did that, so if you apply yourself, there's nothing to say you can't do the same.
Can I start a podcast about anything?
Yes! I took a personal passion of mine which was biohacking, and used that as my topic of discussion. This course details how you can start a successful podcast covering almost any topic, in any industry, that you're passionate about, and use that as the focus for your own podcast.
Do I need to have any previous podcasting experience?
NOPE! The information I'm teaching in Probably The Best Podcasting Course In The World (Maybe...) was what I learned starting my VERY FIRST podcast - and how I succeeded in topping the charts, and making over $20,000 AUD in the first 4 months with it.
What are my payment options?
You can pay via Paypal, or with most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc).
Do I need a lot of expensive gear to start a podcast?
No! In this course I'll be teaching you how to start a successful podcast with as little as a smartphone and an app. Yes, you can use professional gear, though you can also choose to do it much more cheaply, and simply.
When will the course become available?
You can purchase the course NOW, at a special 50% off presale price. However, the course will not be available to start using until Thursday the 22nd of August 2019, at 7PM PST (United States, Los Angeles time).

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Leon Hill

Leon Hill (AKA Leon The Alchemist) is a marketer and consultant who has worked with some of the biggest brands, events, and celebrities on Earth. With previous clients including Audi, the United States Marine Corps, ING Bank, Paramount Pictures, HBO, and many more, he's generated over $200 million USD in sales for his clients online. His current focus is teaching others how to promote, grow, and sell online, via online courses and limited consulting.